Unreal Engine Support, Training, and Custom Licensing
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Unreal Engine Support, Training and Custom Licensing for Simulations.Visualizations.Serious Games.Training Applications.

Why CESI for Support?

Epic Games chose CESI for our years of Unreal Engine development experience and multiple, fielded, serious games and training products. CESI has the expertise to assist your team in many aspects of simulation development in a gaming environment. From Unreal Engine tools and development to art pipelines, we are here to help!

Benefits of Working with CESI for Unreal Engine Support

No Royalties

Elimination of the 5% royalty on B2B dual use sales of your application.


Access to CESI developers, public and private forums, and Tier 2 Epic Games support via the CESI Help Desk*.

Reduce Per Seat Costs

Choose Unreal Engine for reduced per seat annual license costs versus Unity ($1,500 versus $1,800).


Discounts on training and support packages as well as contracted development support*.

*may require paid support tiers above the basic level.


CESI, while providing unbiased solutions to our customers that best meet their needs, also identifies solutions that have a broad-based ability to address a wide variety of needs. Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is one such product.  As a game engine, it has superior performance and the graphics quality is incredible.  The open availability of the engine source code provides the ability to extend the functionality of the base engine and provide tailored solutions when the “vanilla” option is not enough.  CESI’s extensive experience with Unreal Engine has proved this out time and time again.  We were honored to be approached by Epic to be an authorized support provider and did not hesitate when it came time to execute an agreement.

You can still use free license and be bound by the standard, royalty based Epic Games EULA.  Deeper support and royalty-free options will only be available via the B2B relationship with CESI.

You can still communicate with Epic as an Unreal Engine user, but…CESI will have a top tier connection to Epic so support will be faster going through us. This relationship adds to the net bandwidth of Unreal Engine-related support you can receive.

CESI’s experience with using Unreal Engine in simulations will help them answer a lot of questions directly without having to go through Epic. We have a broad set of common questions from the sub-licensee base that have already been answered that they will be able to collate to, again, provide answers without having to go through Epic.

If going to Epic is needed, CESI will have top tier access to Epic developers to get questions answered quickly.

Yes, certainly. You can use the free EULA from the Epic UE4 web site and then switch to a paid license through CESI when it makes sense for you to do so.

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